Tuesday, May 1, 2018

2016 was the year of pure, radiant color in my work

In 2016 my work shifted dramatically in its basic characteristics - the forms and designs became more "cosmic" and fluid, my colors were chosen to suggest the radiant light of more spiritual realms and so my art was covered in only pastels, luminous gold, silvers, and pinks. Generally speaking, my art has always been a consciously composed play of opposite elements but this was the year it became only about lightness and goodness. This was the result of some strong personal spiritual experiences that were cultivated in 2016. However, this glowing "light, life and love" period abruptly ended when the darker mood created by the elections in the United States came to the fore and so now I am back to incorporating the play of dark and light, good and evil, etc., that is ever present in our world. But 2016 was a wonderful year in which I got to experience "the light" in its purest form and so now, as we witness the epic changes going on in the world, it is at least nice to know that part of that light is ever shining within each of us.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Some of my surreal playing cards done in the 1980's

Here are three playing cards done on masonite done in the 1980's. These small oil paintings are the actual size of a real playing card. I began studying art on a much more serious level in the late 1970's with Harry Carmean at Art Center, focusing on specifically aesthetics, the human figure and surrealism. This little group of surrealistic cards evolved out of these studies. While they are just a few inches tall, they are intended to suggest a monumentality much grander than the actual size of the cards. This series was inspired by the California Surrealist and Hard Edge painter Lorser Feitelson, particularly his "Magical Space Form" paintings done in the 1940's. The top card features an assortment of spades, the middle one is "Four of Hearts" and the bottom one is titled "Spades and Clubs".

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Objects of war

This is a new series of projectiles, bullets and other objects from various wars in history. The pieces are authentic, that is they have been used by the military and they aren't models or replicas. They are covered with various designs and relevant quotes depending on the era or war that they are from. For example pieces from WW1 or WW2 have European motifs whereas pieces used in more recent times have islamic designs. Some can't be shown here because they could potentially offend those with very rigid religious or political beliefs, and so here are some of the less controversial ones.

Some new dog and cat portraits

For over thirty years I have been painting people's dogs and cats. Back in the seventies I did a friend's dog and then some of their friends wanted a portrait and so it went - the demand has never stopped. I never tire of painting animals because  each one has a distinct personality and so inspires a different portrait each time - its always a fresh experience from the perspective of an artist. People ask me if I have ever painted any of my own dogs and the answer is "no" only because there isn't enough time in the day, but I couldn't imagine living my life without the love of a dog!

Friday, November 22, 2013

I am selling my entire kanzashi collection to benefit the environment...

As some of you know, over the years I put together a collection of antique Japanese hair ornaments. I was touched by their exquisite craftsmanship, the refined aesthetic and their poetic quality. After a lot of personal reflection it has become apparent to me that it is now time to sell these beautiful objects and give the proceeds in the defending and protection of nature. The kanzashi will be slowly listed on ebay and all proceeds will benefit the tortoises and elephants that gave up their lives for these pieces. The rest of the proceeds will go to ending the ongoing, absolutely heart wrenching slaughter of dolphins which occurs in Taiji, Japan every year (on a daily basis for months on end). That  little village has slaughtered one million dolphins to date, and all the damage is done by a group of 40 or so men. It is time for this practice to end since they also kill endangered dolphins species as well.  For those of you who wish to learn about the plight of the dolphins in Japan please take a look at the award winning movie "The Cove".  I am happy to become an active voice and assist in the ending of this barbaric practice.

My collection

Trailer for the cove

Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project

Friday, November 1, 2013

My new wine label design for the Diana Basehart Foundation

The Diana Basehart Foundation has been helping low income dog/cat owners pay for their pets medical expenses which as we all know, are quite high these days. It was founded by the lovely Diana Basehart, who also founded Actors and Others for Animals in Los Angeles.  Diana (who was married to actor Richard Basehart), is an animal activist, has saved the lives of many thousands animals over the course of her life and continues helping them through her foundation in Santa Barbara. I recently did a portrait of her Yorkie Nell (a rescue dog) which will be used on the wine from Dog Hill Winery in Santa Ynez. The wine will be available in November with all proceeds going to the care of sick animals in the county. More information on what the foundation does can be seen at http://basehart.org/

Diana Basehart is shown below her beloved Nell and with board member Tipper Gore.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A love affair with faux leopard....

I have always painted faux leopard and other animal skins over the years. There is something about the luminous mottled textures of leopard skin that is so striking visually. Here are some examples of some faux leopard skin art I did dating from the 1970's on through to today. The leopard fans are currently available on Etsy.